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Your Event:

Murderplays enables you to perform a whodunit script to an audience of your own choosing. In each play there are always two culprits who ‘did-it’ making the viewers’ task that much more challenging (and entertaining). It is recommended (though not essential) that your actors read from their scripts whilst performing, thus negating the need for time-consuming line-learning. Each piece has been made further ‘actor-friendly’ by the fact that there is no audience interaction. The plays are pieces of drama set in a single location which are watched by everyone alike. And as all the technical elements have been kept to a minimum, a highly enjoyable, profitable event can be created with the minimum of preparation. Please see the ‘Current Plays’ section of this website to assist you with your selection...

A ‘rough’ guide to the timing of your event:

  • 30 mins: Audience arrive and read through the introduction sheets.
  • 30/40 mins: Act 1 is performed.
  • 10 mins: Short break.
  • 20/30 mins: Act 2.
  • 30 mins?: A longer break for audiences to fill in competition sheets (and refreshments to be served?).
  • 15/20 mins: Act 3, and the announcement of competition winners.

The pack:

Your murderplays event will be sent via e-mail only. The following photocopyable materials will arrive as e-documents in Microsoft Word**

  • *A play in 3 Acts.
  • *The main ‘whodunit’ competition sheet.
  • *A character outline sheet.
  • *A comedy answer sheet.
  • *A murder mystery quiz.
  • *A poster template (in Microsoft Publisher).
  • *A ticket template (in Microsoft Publisher).
  • *An outline of all staging requirements.
  • *An explanation of how to run your event.
  • *An account of how-those-who-did-it… did it!
  • *Your performance certificate.

(**The e-version of the script may be circulated among your cast for ease of printing, but copywright requirements stipulate that the materials must not be used to facilitate any performance other than that of the purchasers.)


Each murderplays murder mystery title costs £55. This is a one-off fee which covers your company for your show/run of shows. (Only if there’s a repeat production at a much later date is a fee of £20 added.) Each title has been fully tried and tested, and is completely family-friendly.

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