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Mystery Shorts
Mystery Shorts

Your Event:

Murderplays ‘Mystery Shorts’ are stripped-back versions of the full-length murderplays murder mysteries. They are quick-fire, whodunit fundraising plays which have been designed with ‘ease of staging’ in mind. But, just as in the full-length plays, there are always two culprits who ‘did-it’ making the viewers’ task that much more challenging (and entertaining).

In terms of performance, all that’s required for your event is enough space for a small group of readers to stand in a line and deliver a short pre-written script to an audience. Each reader plays a comic character at the heart of a crime (not necessarily a murder) and, although there’s plenty of emotion and accusation, there’s no actual ‘acting out’ involved. The performers maintain their positions throughout (like in a courtroom drama). Thus, with no line-learning, props or set (and possibly even no rehearsals!) each two-act script is extremely simple to stage. And with ticket prices and the option to serve refreshments being your responsibility, each event has the potential to be hugely profitable.

A ‘rough’ guide to the timing of your event:

  • 15/30 mins: Audience arrive and read through the introduction sheets.
  • 25/35 mins: Act 1 is read/performed.
  • 30 mins?: A long break for audiences to fill in competition sheets (and refreshments to be served?).
  • 15/25 mins: Act 2 is read/performed and then the winners announced.

The pack:

Your Mystery Short will be sent via e-mail only. The following photocopyable materials will arrive as documents in Microsoft Word**

  • *A play in 2 Acts.
  • *The main ‘whodunit’ competition sheet.
  • *A character outline sheet.
  • *A comedy answer sheet.
  • *A poster template (in Microsoft Publisher).
  • *A ticket template (in Microsoft Publisher).
  • *An outline of all staging requirements.
  • *An explanation of how to run your event.
  • *An account of how those-who-did-it… did it!
  • *Your performance certificate.

(**The e-version of the script may be circulated among your cast for ease of printing, but copywright requirements stipulate that the materials must not be used to facilitate any other performance that that of the purchasers.)


Each murderplays Mystery Short costs £40. This is a one-off fee which covers you for your show/run of shows. Each title has been fully tried and tested, and is completely family-friendly.

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